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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Your Summer-Movie Guide :20 Flicks Even Hotter Than the Weather Outside

Hollywood is working hard to get our butts into movie-theater seats this summer—and with a roster like this, it’s not going to be too difficult. Whether you want blockbusters featuring Superman or super man Will Smith, some of the best indie hits out of Sundance, or a hilarious lady comedy, there’s a movie for you. Right this way for insanely good entertainment.

After Earth (May 31)

This M. Night Shyamalan movie made the cut because of four words: Will and Jaden Smith. Take Pursuit of Happyness, add 10 years, scary monsters, and a father and son kicking butt together instead of solving Rubik’s Cubes, and Shyamalan may finally have a hit on his hands that doesn’t involve seeing dead people.

Your Summer Movie Guide

Much Ado About Nothing (June 7)

The Shakespeare rom-com is back, and this time it’s reimagined in modern day by The Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer genius Joss Whedon.

Your Summer Movie Guide

This Is the End (June 12)Your Summer Movie Guide

There have been a lot of movies about the end of the world lately, and most have been

spring outfit idea :)

Mix gingham and floral prints:
Bring on the prints and slap on some black as a chic finishing touch.
Don’t put away your stockings just yet.

A blazer and tights take that new, favorite summer dress into buy-now-wear-immediately territory during the cooler spring months.

Test-drive overalls
Overalls are the perfect piece to wear with warm sweaters or crop T-shirts and a leather jacket. They’re completely versatile and great for transitioning between seasons

The seven biggest mistakes in applying foundation !

beauty and fashionfemale makeover

Foundation is the most important part of makeup, the base on which all else is built. If you mess up this part of your make up the rest of it will look odd, no matter how expertly it is done. Here are the most common mistakes women make when applying foundation:

1.    Choosing the wrong nuance

All make-up artists are of the opinion that foundation should be in the same tone as your natural complexion. To determine the perfect tone for your skin apply a line of each of the 3 or 4 colors that seem closest to your complexion to your jawline and choose the one that blends most invisibly.


2.    Applying foundation with force

If you assert too much pressure on your sponge or applicator you will not get a better coverage. All you will accomplish by rubbing too hard is reddening of the skin and an uneven distribution of foundation. For a better effect use your fingertips and apply the foundation with light circular motions.

3.    Applying foundation with insufficient light

If the room is too bright or too dark you will not be able to see properly and cover all of your face evenly. When you go outside, the daylight will make your mistakes visible. Our advice is to create your makeup in the same light in which you will be wearing it.

4.    There are visible traces on your neck or chin

Make sure you spread and blend your foundation, especially around the edges. Pay extra attention to the following areas: the hairline, under and around the nose, the ears, the chin and jawline and especially the neck.

5.    You are applying more than is needed

If you are trying to cover up some defect, you should know that masking it over with foundation has the reverse effect. Spread the foundation in an even layer over your whole face; do not pile it in one area, because this will attract attention to this area.

6.    You are using excessive amounts of the product

Your skin needs air, so in this case “The less the better” is the rule to go by. Otherwise you may be mistaken for a clown.

7.    You have not prepared the skin before applying foundation

First of all you have to clean the skin. Then you have to hydrate it with a moisturizing lotion. You can begin applying foundation once the moisturizer is completely absorbed.