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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eclectic Designs by Vanessa Mooney !

Sale ends 06/04

Rarely do we find style with as much soul as these entrancing new looks by Vanessa Mooney, fashion artiste and Hollywood Rebel. From intricately carved, earthy metals to bursts of turquoise to iridescent shadows, this is one collection we couldn't wait to get our hands on.

Vanessa Mooney
"The bright gold's and silvers with crystal, stones, chains, and beads are in a more street-style but sophisticated direction – still wearable at the beach or out at night!"
Vanessa Mooney -

This is the bank vault that saved 24 people during Oklahoma tornado !!

Tinker Federal Credit Union branch vault after the tornado (© Tinker Federal Credit Union via Facebook)

It's a testament to ... something. Awesome vault construction? The human will to survive? Either way, the fact that 24 people took shelter in this vault at the Tinker Federal Credit Union branch during the Oklahoma tornado, and the fact that it's still standing amid the rubble of the utterly destroyed building are both very impressive. The bank manager's dedication is admirable as well, remaining with the safe even after being rescued until it could be locked up and secured again. Two dozen people have been confirmed killed in the EF5 tornado (the highest grade), and its 17-mile path resulted in at least $1 billion in damage. [Source]

Here are before and after shots of the Tinker FCU branch in Moore, Okla.

Seaweed helps in the fight against wrinkles and aging !!

Certain kinds of seaweed contain substances which can be very effective in the battle against wrinkles and aging.
  • Minerals: such as sodium and potassium (which regulate the water balance), sodium chloride and calcium (which are good for the teeth and bones), magnesium (helps in the regulation of the cardio-vascular and muscular systems), iron (which helps transfer oxygen to the cells) and iodine (regulates metabolism and the function of the thyroid).
  • They are also rich in microelements: phosphorus (which provides energy), boron, fluoride and copper (which have and anti-inflammatory effect), sulfur, magnesium, chrome, barium and nickel (which aid the absorption of iron), vanadium, silver, titanium and silicon (also known as “the beauty minerals”, because they help the skin and capillaries retain their elasticity).
  • Seaweed contains vitamins A, B1, B5, B12, C, E, D (essential for normal metabolism), pro-vitamin D and also the pigments chlorophyll and xanthophyll.
  • Sugars such as glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose, arabinose and rhamnose.
High-quality cosmetic products use seaweed harvested from the depths of the sea, since the kinds that grow close to the surface lose some of their healing properties.

Today there are around 30,000 kinds of seaweed known to man. Scientists have discovered that one kilogram of seaweed contains as much minerals, microelements, amino acids and plant hormones as are found in 100, 000 liters of sea water. The thousands of different enzymes are extremely valuable for proper digestion.

Seaweeds have a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the body. They are extremely rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, manganese, zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, selenium, chrome and other elements used for the production of antioxidant enzymes in the body, which in turn counteract the free radicals responsible for premature aging. Research shows that women who consume more seafood rarely suffer from osteoporosis and have a stronger skeletal system.
Seaweeds activate the nervous system and help fight depression, sadness and the lack of concentration. Seaweed therapy refreshes the skin, tones it and gives it a healthier look.

Weight loss mistakes to avoid !

image: © KR MEDIA Productions / Fotolia
Weight loss treatments and supplements are widely available. Using these proves to be beneficial for reducing several pounds per in a month.
But, never use weight loss plans, pills, supplements blindly. Do not follow workouts that you can’t continue.
To understand what major mistakes people make while losing weight read below.
  1. First biggest mistake is to focus on just one activity. Either cut down your diet plans to very less food intake or just following a walk is not enough to get faster results of weight loss. Always consider both. Follow a diet plan along with exercise gives best results. It maintains health of the body.
  2. Second mistake that is most common is to cut down your food too much that you start facing a problem of deprivation. No need to stop eating or skipping meals to reduce weight. Eat well to increase your metabolism rate but digest it properly and follow diet plans and exercises to burn the calories.
  3. Third mistake is to make a plan of reducing several pounds in one month. The more you reduce at once more it will come back to you. Start reducing with slow speed.
  4. Fourth mistake is to eat random things. Your body needs essential mineral all the time. You can’t ignore one and start taking another. This will affect your health. Try to take all minerals that are required by the body in proper amount.
  5. Fifth mistake which is very common is to remove oil from the food. Your body never works without fat. You should try some mono-saturated fats in your diet plans to provide the necessary fat to the body. Choose selective fats for the body but never choose fat free diet plans.
All these mistakes are very common. People start taking diet pills and want faster results from extra weight. You should not make above mentioned mistakes. Keep away from these and take help from experts.

Mom 'pops some tags' to teach bully daughter a lesson

 Thrift store punishment for bullying: Thrift-store clothing.

Check out this great MSN video - Bully punished with ugly clothing
Bully punished with ugly clothing

A mother in Utah learned her daughter was teasing children at school for their clothing, so she took a trip to the thrift shop.

When Ally learned her stepdaughter was bullying other children at school, she devised a punishment much more fitting than a grounding.

According to
Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ally learned that stepdaughter Kaylee was teasing another student at school because of how she dressed. Ally and Kaylee are both identified only by their first names to protect their identities.

Fox reported that Ally talked to Kaylee about the bullying, which reportedly included name-calling, but the girl did not seem to get the message.That's when Ally decided to give Kaylee the ultimate dressing down.

Fox said Ally went to a local thrift store and bought about $50 worth of clothing. The next day, a thrift store outfit Kaylee would never normally wear awaited her, complete with old sneakers.

Kaylee told Fox she cried when she saw the outfit. The girl said her classmates talked about her behind her back when she showed up to school in her new duds.

"I thought this is a perfect moment for us to really teach her, this is right, this is wrong, which path are you going to take? And then it's her choice," Ally told Fox.

How well was Okla. elementary school equipped for disaster?

 Oklahoma elementary schools in the tornado: An aerial view shows Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla.

Most Oklahoma structures lack the kind of basement where students and teachers reportedly took shelter from Monday’s tornado.


They huddled in hallways, clung to walls inside bathrooms and reportedly sought shelter in the school's basement. The terrified children and teachers at the Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla., were in all the right places, tornado safety experts say.

But conventional wisdom couldn’t save every young life when skies darkened and a ferocious 198 mph twister battered the building on Monday.

At least 24 fatalities have been confirmed after several